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Iridium GO! 1,000 Data Minute & 12 Month Prepaid SIM Card

Purchasing a pre-paid plan can simplify your budgeting, and enable you to use your Iridium GO! as little or as much as you need, without incurring any unexpected costs. With Iridium GO! pre-paid plans, there are no activations fees, and no overage charges because you can't go over your limit unless you purchase more GO! Data minutes. Here's how it works: With the Iridium GO! 1000 Data Minute and 12 Month-Prepaid SIM Card, you get 1000 GO! Data-minutes for $749.00 to use for all of the voice and-data functions the Iridium GO! offers. With the-GO! 1000 plan, each GO! Data Minute costs you just $0.75, and each different function equates-to a different per-minute rate. For example, if you-are making a voice call to a landline or cell,-every minute you are on the call equates to 2 GO! Data Minutes. If you are calling another-Iridium device, each minute you are on the call equates-to 1 GO! Data Minute. Keeping track of-your pre-paid usage for all your smartphone functions-this way is simple, and can help you decide-when to purchase another pre-paid plan. Incoming calls and SMS messages are free and you can renew your plan at any time. Unused minutes will roll-over to your next pre-paid plan. Iridium GO! Data minutes are valid for Iridium GO! only.
Here's what your 1000 pre-paid GO! Data Minutes equate to:
  • Iridium GO! Voice Minutes to Landline or Cell = 500 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! Voice to Other Iridium Device -= 1,000 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! Voice to Other Satellite Service = 55 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! 2-Stage Incoming Voice = 500 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! Voicemail Retrieval = 1,000 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! SMS Outgoing = 3,000 Messages
  • Iridium GO! Incoming SMS Messages = FREE Unlimited
  Iridium GO! Prepaid SIM Card Features:
  • No activation charge
  • No monthly access charges
  • Minutes valid globally
  • Two-stage dialing service included
  • Voicemail included
  • No fee for replenishment
  • No credit checks or deposits required
  • Add airtime and/or extend validity before the expiration date
  • Extended SIM Cards roll-over remaining airtime before expiration up to two(2) years.
  • Cards and airtime can remain active for up to 24 months
  • GO! Data Minutes are valid to destination 0088160000330 only
  • All Prepaid SIM Cards are activated at the time of purchase-unless noted otherwise.
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